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Welcome to Glorybound Ministries website. After doing Christian evangelism and music in inner city missions, churches, street ministries and jails and prisons in various cities in the USA since January 1979, I started this ministry and website in 1998 when I built a recording studio in a one bedroom apartment and recorded some of my songs entirely on my own. Then I built web sites and was one of the first artists on I was doing music and evangelism around Southern California at the time, starting a church on the beach, was on four tv shows and radio, and getting invites to come and do concerts across the USA and around the world. However, my wife at the time became critically ill and I quit everything in 2001 to take care of her through a liver transplant, two heart attacks, 6 heart stents, and MRSA which she died of in 2008. After she went to be with Jesus, I committed myself to going anywhere and doing anything that Jesus wanted. I gave away everything to a mission, moved into my car, and started getting information out to people all over the world about how Bible prophecies are being fulfilled in the world right now. After 9 months, that became a book that I titled The End Of Time. I was receiving invites to preach all over the world, but God miraculously made a way for me to go to Pakistan to preach. You can read more in my Testimony page.

On this web site, you will find music that I have written and recorded over the years, my book The End of Time that was finished in 2009, information to help you with your relationship with God through Jesus Christ, a link to my YouTube page, and other helpful links and information. I have also finished a new book on Bible prophecies called The Last Hour : Bible Prophecies Explained. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or prayer concerns. May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you as you seek Him. I hope this web site will be a blessing to you.

Kevin A. Lucier.

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