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Click here to see a review by the website PropheciesOfTheEndTimes.comThat web site has the first edition of my book which was called The End Of Time which was written in 2008 and 2009, but does not have the second edition of my book called The End Of The World : Bible Prophecies Revealed. I had the first edition online for free and added updates online as time went along. The End Of Time had only one fourth of the information as The End Of The World : Bible Prophecies Revealed which is the second edition. This second edition has much more and better information in it.

The End Of The World : Bible Prophecies Revealed
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On September 25, 2008, all the nations of the world agreed at the United Nations to fulfill the Millennium Development goals of a global government and New Age religion that depopulates and enslaves under the control of a select few by the year 2015. This was a seven year agreement of all nations and fulfilled Bible prophecy. The United Nations meditation room is dedicated to the worship of Lucifer. The End Of The World : Bible Prophecies Revealed shows how events in the world system are fulfilling Bible prophecies. It covers the history of the world using historical, archaeological, and Biblical information. Subjects covered include who is the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Dragon, the Beast out of the Sea, the Jesuits, the Rothschilds, the history of the black stone, the origins and history of Pagan religions, the difference between real Christianity and Paganism, the history of evolution, depopulation, dinosaurs, transhumanism, RFID brain implants, and other New World Order methods, the purpose of the World Wars, the creation of the United Nations, and the Illuminati plans. This Book also shows how the Bible prophesied everything that is happening, and how to respond. There is much disinformation intentionally spread through the propaganda of the mass media, schools, religious systems, political leaders, and people promoted as authorities and as cult personalities. This book intends to cut through all the deep layers of deception so that people can see the truth, wake up, and be saved from what is coming.

It takes sacrifice to research and provide the information in this book. I spend much time talking to people about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and about the coming events of the end times. I have spent much of my life helping people in inner city missions and have provided free original Christian music on the internet. This has taken a lot of sacrifice and resources. Any donations to help with this work are greatly appreciated.