About the "Hot Fudge Sunday" CD

The Hot Fudge Sunday was written, recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered entirely by me, Kevin Lucier, in 1998. Exceptions were the song ?Alive? which I wrote and recorded in 1990 at Pinewoods Studios in Melrose, N.Y. On that song, Gary Tash engineered the recording in his home 16 track reel to reel studio, and performed the keyboards, bass, and drums on his keyboard. On that song, I did all the guitar and vocals. The rest of the Hot Fudge Sunday was songs I wrote through the years, and I recorded using an ADAT, external mixer and effects processors, a keyboard controller with a dedicated sequencer, microphones, guitars, and a desktop computer in 1998. The final mixing was done using the computer and computer software. At the time, computers were very slow, so my second wife (who went to be with Jesus in April 2008) upgraded the computer beyond its stated capabilities. I then began reaching people all over the world using prototype music websites and creating my own web sites using HTML and other languages. I performed all the music instruments and vocals on the CD myself. It took 6 months to buy the recording equipment, learn how to use it, and to record and finish the final CD. You can listen to the songs on this web site which has been up since about 1999. I hope you enjoy the music.

I hope you enjoy the music and are forever blessed by the message. Feel free to download and share the music with everyone you know. Jesus said "Freely you have received, freely give."

Blessings in Jesus

Kevin A. Lucier